Relationship Manager

The best cultivation and harvesting techniques assure top quality fruits. But sales and profits are not guaranteed by products alone. The expertise and role of a manager is crucial in trade success. Export businessmen have to fight and overcome many types of obstacles. They include international law, food habits, safety concerns, and behavioural norms.

Agricultural products like fruits and vegetables define a culture. Dates are clearly associated with Arab and Persian societies. Exporters tackle cross-cultural issues in this manner -

● Maintain good relationships with other stakeholders like suppliers and importers.

● Manage labour costs and develop strategies for efficient storage and transport.

● Assign public relations and brand creation tasks to a competent relationship manager.

● Collect, organize, analyse, and research the trade-specific data for original insights.

● Liaison with long-time/seasonal buyers on a regular basis for better trade relations.

● Present structured reports to senior management for performance improvements.

● Solve all types of complaints and grievances in a prompt and satisfactory manner.

● Supervise the efficiency of contractual terms and payment methodologies.

Relationship Manager