Packing Type

Fruits, dairy and other food products have global appeal. But regional demand, culture, and taste are equally important. All types of fruits have to be stored, packed and transported. Otherwise, they lose their freshness and become very stale. Matching customer demand with harvest times is not predictable. Hence, Traders depend on modern packing and processing techniques.

The following measures are undertaken with the aim of achieving excellence in quality-

● Packaging fruits is related to food safety concerns and health standards.

● Farmers assure nutrition, but only exporters can guarantee safe transport.

● Fruit is spoilt by extreme heat, dust, neglect, and lack of hygienic procedures.

● Handling and transport methods influence the packing type and quantity.

● Other important factors are cold storage plants, season, fruit type and variety.

● Most popular containers are bags, crates, bins, cartons, hampers, baskets, etc.

● The best quality exporters also take notice of shelf life, wastage, and losses.

Packing Type